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ProCom Rx has transformed how the life sciences industry deploys, measures, analyses and controls commercial operations globally

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ProCom Rx – Veeva Technology Partner

By Wayne Paterson, Chief Executive Officer

May 14, 2015

ProCom Rx is the leading Global supplier of cloud based commercial analytics, compliance and alliance management solutions to the life sciences industry. Our products include the Starship™ iDA™ (Intelligent Detail Aid) which is one of the first content creating and editing platforms to receive an Approved Veeva Technology Partner status due to it’s seamless integration with the Veeva ecosystem, allowing content to be automatically packaged and published directly into Veeva for use in Veeva CLM.

The Starship™ iDA™ includes the fully functional cloud based designer that allow your marketing teams (or their agencies) to build elegant and appealing digital materials.

The iDA™ automates design, build and deployment elements of iDetailers within the life science industry. The platform has auto-distribution capabilities‘One Click Publish’ to Veeva.

ProCom Rx has transformed how the life sciences industry creates content, deploys, measures, analyses and controls it Globally through an innovative suite of commercial solutions. Our solutions are highly disruptive and deliver significant time and cost savings over conventional solutions

Utilising our Skyhook™ technology, the Starship™ iDA™ ensures that all metrics are monitored and reportable. This ensures transparency between allows for real time performance reporting.